Reward Points

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You are already a registered customer and have an account? Then you can score immediately. If not, take a moment and simply create an account. Registration is simple, fast and without any obligations. Immediately afterwards, you can start collecting.

So easy you can earn bonus points:
Pick something and send an order. Once we have received your payment, your account will receive bonus points for your orders. You will receive 5 % bonus points for each Euro of your invoice.
20,00 EUR value of goods returned 1 bonus point.
Sum 100,00 EUR gives 5 bonus points.
A bonus point correspond to the equivalent of EUR 20.00 of your purchase.
The points are 1/100 divisible. The current score can be viewed at any time in your account under "Bonus Account".
The points are stored indefinitely.
No points are collected for German published books.
Redeem Points:
Your Points have a value of 1:1. A bonus point currently has a value of one Euro. Just find the item you want and choose "Purchase on bonus points." You need to log in before. The invoice amount is automatically adjusted and reduced at your account to the passing score.
Any questions? Then do not hesitate and send us your questions using the contact form.
Exchange of the points into cash is not possible. We reserve the exchange rate to review and adapt without notice. On revocation of an order, abuse or incorrect entries, we reserve the redemption of bonus points.