Model Color - German Aircraft WWII (8 x 18 ml), Revell, 36200

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Model Color - German Aircraft WWII (8 x 18 ml), Revell, 36200 - Bild 1
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Model paint set - German aircraft WWII: Historical color precision for your model aircraft
The Model Paint Set German Aircraft WWII, item number 36200, is a specially curated paint set that allows model builders to recreate the authentic atmosphere of the German Luftwaffe during the Second World War. This set contains eight different shades of color, including special custom colors only available in this set that are not found in the regular Revell range.

Each color has been carefully selected to reflect the original paintwork of the German aircraft of the Second World War. These paints are ready to use and can be poured straight from the bottle into the airbrush gun, simplifying and speeding up the painting process as no thinning is required. The paints are also ideal for traditional painting with a brush, as they offer excellent coverage even in thin layers. The practical bottle tip enables precise dosing, which is particularly useful for detailed work on model airplanes.
Scope of delivery:
8 special colors (18 ml each), specially matched to the German Luftwaffe of the Second World War
Special features:
Historical authenticity: Colors specially selected for models of the German Luftwaffe during the Second World War
Exclusive special colors: Contains unique colors that are only available in this set.
Versatile application: Suitable for airbrush and brush techniques.
User-friendly: No need to dilute, direct application from the bottle.
Background information:
The Model Paint Set - German Aircraft WWII brings a piece of history to model making. It allows enthusiasts to explore and recreate the unique designs and camouflage patterns of WWII German aircraft. These colors not only offer the opportunity to create historically accurate models, but also to delve deeper into the history and technology of aviation at the time. This set is a must-have for anyone who is passionate about military history and model making.
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