Warmachines 3: M1A2 IN EUROPE 2017, Sabot Publications

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Warmachines 3: M1A2 IN EUROPE 2017, Sabot Publications - Image 1
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Warmachines 03 is entirely devoted to the Abrams tank in U.S. service in Europe in 2017. This book is a larger Warmachines book, containing 82 pages of full color photographs of the M1A2 in both tan and green, and some even mixed colors. This book also contains 10 color plates of the M1A2 Abrams showing various markings, as well as a complimentary decal sheet with enough markings for several vehicles that are pictured throughout the book. 82 pages.

NOTE: LTC Chuck Sherman was inadvertantly left out of the credits for this book. He provided the photographs of the new CROWS variant seen at Ft, Riley, Kansas, in the Fall of 2017 at the USABOT convention.

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